Cleaning Techniques That Do Not Actually Work (Part 2)

Cleaning Techniques That Do Not Actually Work

In the previous part, we discussed three common cleaning techniques that do not actually work. In this part, we will continue discussing other techniques and offer the best alternative for them. Let’s start.
These tips are provided today by Right Now Cleaning and Restoration, a carpet and upholstery cleaner in Butte MT.

Extra Detergents Can Clean Clothes Efficiently:

• People think that the more is the better when it is about cleaning laundry. People add extra detergent over their clothes thinking that it will clean their clothes more efficiently. The fact is when you add more detergent, you will not be able to rinse and/ or get rid of the complete stickiness easily. In addition, the residues of the detergent will work as a magnet attracting all the germs. The result of adding extra detergent is having dull clothes. • The best solution is to use the premium quality cleaner for your clothes. Do not forget to follow the instructions written on the package and use the powder correctly.

Microwaves Can Be Used to Sanitize Cleaning Sponges:

• Most people think that when they put sponges in the microwave, the heat will kill all the bacteria and germs. This is not true; about 40% of the bacteria embedded in the sponge will remain.

• The best alternative is the use of cotton clothes or microfibers. When you use these materials, you will be able to wash your clothes easily and properly after each use without worrying about having dull clothes after washing.

Lemon Juice Is the Best Way to Eliminate Container Stains:

People think that lemon juice is the best disinfectant on Earth. However, that is not true. People even leave lemon juice on plastics for about 24 hours. However, there will be no difference and the stains and germs will remain the same. Lemon works as a refreshing drink and may be used as an ingredient. It is not for cleaning.

Banana Skin Is the Best Shoe Polishing:

• Online formulas want to make use of everything including banana skin. However, the best thing to do after eating a banana is to throw its skin away. It will not work as a shoe polisher. Eat banana. It contains a high amount of potassium. Potassium is essential for your muscles and heart. Using the skin of the banana to clean your shoes will leave them dull and less shiny.
• The best way to do with your shoes is to clean them the right way. Get a shoe polisher and get your shoes done.