How to make the best use of OxiClean Stain Remover?

OxiClean stain remover

OxiClean Stain Remover is one of the most effective commercial stain removers available in the market, which users can also use to remove tough carpet stains. Stains are a common and major issue that carpet users face since in many cases they can be hard to remove. Therefore, it is important to perform a standard process that is effective in removing stains while at the same time ensures the safety of the carpet. However, performing a stain removal process without taking special care can lead to further damage to the carpet. A standard carpet cleaning process requires users to select a cleaning agent or a stain remover. In this article, we will explain OxiClean stain remover that users can employ for the purpose of cleaning carpets and removing stains.

What are the ingredients of carpet stain remover?

It has a number of ingredients that are highly effective in removing stains from the carpet in quick time while also ensuring the safety of the carpet. Some of the significant ingredients are as follows:

  1. Sodium Per-Carbonate: It is a crystalline powder substance commonly found in commercial cleaning agents. It gives robust cleaning properties to the cleaning agents and enables OxiClean stain remover to perform an effective operation on the carpets.
  2. Soda ash: It is one of the most effective cleaning substances and has been used for the purpose for a long time. Its combination with sodium per-carbonate provides for strong cleaning action on carpet stains.
  3. Detergents: It is highly effective in removing dirt and other residual particles present on the carpet.

A combination of three ingredients along with water makes for an effective cleaning agent with the help of which users can carry out the stain removal process in an effective manner. We recommend that an appropriate amount of OxiClean stain remover may be used depending upon the nature of the stains. OxiClean stain remover carries out a quick action on the carpet; however, an overuse on a misuse of the agent can also damage sophisticated materials. Therefore, we recommend taking special care in this regard.

What are the most common applications of the stain remover?

OxiClean stain remover is most effective in treating organic stains that may be present on the carpet surface. This is the primary use of the stain remover, however, it can also provide better results in case of some organic stains such as ink. We recommend the users to primarily apply the stain removal in case there are organic stains such as blood, juices, foods, etc. present on the carpet surface.

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